Wholesale Terms and Conditions

What are the requirements?

- Minimum order of 5 plants per type.
- If you want to get free shipping, the minimum order is $200
- payment via bank or paypal
- Free shipping is only valid once.
- Unable to cancel order.
- There may be damage or spoilage during the shipment of the plant and this is a risk that every buyer/customer should be aware of and bear. if there is total damage or spoilage of the order during the shipping process we will resend all damaged plants.

We'll take care of your plant needs but you can't be sure that all the plants you're looking for are there. But we will work it out for you

For the wholesale price list you can click the following link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PQsn9ICvvuXK2VPbWLPJO_NVFrUCH-zVtSJ4BfRhUcQ/edit?usp=sharing