About Us

Founded in 2013, Succulent Asia is an experienced retail and wholesale Succulent exporter from Indonesia. We are one of Succulent nursery located in Lembang-Bandung, West Java, which is well-known as the largest succulent nurseries in Indonesia.

Our mission is to offer an extensive selection of succulents and cactus with 400++ wide varieties ranging from Sansevieria, Agave, Echevieria, Haworthia, Gasteria, Gastrolea, and more hybrid succulents as our featured product to be your perfect home and yard plants. No matter the location sun or shade, inside or outside, we have something for everyone.

Over the last 10 years, Succulent Asia has been exporting plants to various countries worldwide, and successfully shipped our plant packages to 42 states and countries. We serve purchase in both retail and wholesale at the best price with the best quality.

To achieve our success, we believe in ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. Thus, to make a strong team, we must be supported by people who are and expert and professional in their fields, including our experienced farmers who are passionate and constantly growing, adding, developing, and creating more featured plants through succulent hybrid to create a completely new species of succulent, probably the one that you’ve never seen and found in other shop.

We are committed to providing the best of ourselves and expertise to deliver the high quality of our premium service. Every day, together with our team, we ensure that our customers are served well as well as possible.