Our Activities

Maintaining the Quality

To keep the quality of our succulents, our experts always provide them with the right growing conditions, care, and maintenance to prevent issues such as overwatering, pests, or diseases, which can impact the health and quality of the plants.


Watering succulents is an important part of caring for these unique plants. Water requirements for succulents are much different and require a change in watering habits. We always keep in mind that overwatering is the most common cause of succulent death, so it's important to get the watering in right way and keeping them healthy and thriving.


Repotting succulents is an important part of their care, as it allows them to have fresh soil and more room to grow. We always ensure that our succulents are properly repotted and have the best chance of thriving. We also monitor our succulents after repotting to make sure they are adjusting well to their new home.

Order Handling

Washing Process

When exporting our succulents, we always ensure that they are clean and free of debris, pests, and disease which can help to prevent the spread of these issues to other areas. Our experts always do their best in ensuring that succulents are properly washed and cleaned before it’s packaged.

Drying Succulents

Drying succulents to reduce water contents before packaging them is an important step to ensure that they are prepared for the shipment worldwide so, they do not become damaged or develop mold or mildew. By properly drying succulents for shipping worldwide, we can help to ensure that they arrive at their destination healthy and ready to thrive.

Packaging with Properly

Proper packaging is essential when exporting succulents to ensure that they are well-protected during transportation and arrive at their destination healthy and intact. Packaging succulents with tissue paper can be a useful method for exporting them, as it can help to cushion the plants and prevent the risk of damage during shipment worldwide.

Sending Succulent to Expedition

After ensuring our succulents are well-packaged, our succulents are ready to shipping. We always ensure that our succulents are properly packaged and shipped for shipment and arrive at their destination safely and in good condition.

Document Checking

Document checking in quarantine before exporting aims to ensure that all necessary documents have been fulfilled before our succulents are exported. This includes ensuring that all sanitation and safety requirements have been met, as well as ensuring that all necessary certificates and shipping documents have been prepared correctly.

Shipping Worldwide with DHL

Our succulents are ready to meet their new families. After being checked, and completed all the process of plants’ shipping, our succulents are ready to ship worldwide to your door with DHL. But, if you want to request others expedition, we are ready to serve you and ship the succulents based on your prefer expedition.